Tom has over 20 yrs dancing and teaching experience from all the dance halls in Ireland London and Boston..Having won many competitions in different styles and been taught by great dance masters around the world. Tom is now passing on his skills and vast experience to enthusiastic students in Irelamd for the last few years.

Why are my 4 week Jive classes different and so popular???

  1. You will learn to Jive from the very beginning. My philosophy is to break the steps and moves down so a beginner will learn properly and even after the first week ladies will have the steps they need and Men will be shown properly how to Lead.
  2. Your going to improve your “Timing” ( watch the video on my home page and the couple near my camera on the left. She has white top. ) Having nice timing means your Jiving to the beat and it looks good.) so,a lot of week 2 is getting our timing ok.

God seems hard work??

No no no you will be loving every minute😀

By the end of week 3 ladies will have the Jive steps and timing. Men will have learned how to lead and turn their partner properly.

Week 4 . We are already adding on beautiful moves ( like you see on my video) and your Jiving like the people you saw on Stetsons and Stilettos on RTÉ or like the couple you saw at a wedding or somewhere.. I will show you also on Week 4 some really cool moves.

But most important- you have enjoyed the 4 weeks, had a great ould craic, maybe met old friends or new and you will remember ” The 4 Week Jive Course “you done for years to come..

You will never sit down at a function again..
Who knows, Miss or Mr Right might be there😀
One thing is for sure- you will improve nothing or meet no one sitting at home watching Coronation Street.